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Latest News!

Phil has written help files for the Sonar 5 .hsc sets on this page. The custom help for each of the sets, can be accessed with the .HSC keystroke, .hsc mods double H. HSC mods, is the Control Alt Key. In other words, if you aren't using the HSC mods key then, the whole keystroke would be, Control Alt Shift H, pressed twice quickly. All of the .HSC sets on this page have been repackaged into .zip files. You can download the individual .zip files or, all of the sets for Sonar 5 below.

Please Consider Donating For The HSC Sets

The HSC sets on this page, have taken hundreds of Hours to create.

if you have a Pay Pal account, you can donate to HSC Set development by sending cash to:

Or, you can donate by clicking the donate button below. Please consider donating.

Remember that if you are using Pay Pal that Phil can only except contributions in British Pounds. I would like to thank those of you who have contributed thus far. It's much appreciated!

Repackaged .HSC sets

The following .HSC sets have been repackaged into .zip files and have help written for them:

Known Issues With Sonar 5 Sets

The graphics for DR-008, will be visible in the stand-alone version of DR-008, if you place them in the following directory:

C:\Documents and Settings\User Name\Application Data\Freedom Scientific\JAWS\8.0\Settings\enu

That is, if your using Jaws 8. If you want the graphics in DR-008 to be visible in Sonar then, add these graphics, to your Sonar.jgf file.

When using the MIDI channels in VSampler, it is necessary, to be in the compact view.

Sets For Sonar 5

To save .HSC sets from this page, right click and choose "save target as."

All HSC Sets for Sonar 5 (95.5kb).

Cakewalk TTS-1 For Sonar 5 (2.25kb).

Dimension Pro For Sonar 5 (9.85kb).

DR-008 For Sonar 5 (3.48kb).

Lexicon Pantheon For Sonar 5 (4.80kb).

Pentagon One For Sonar 5 (2.02kb).

PerfectSpace For Sonar 5 (3.09kb).

Rapture For Sonar 5 (7.74kb).

Roland GrooveSynth For Sonar 5 (2.17kb).

RXP For Sonar 5 (6.72kb).

SessionDrummer2 For Sonar 5 (6.60kb).

SFZ For Sonar 5 (2.45kb).

Sonitus_fx Compressor for Sonar 5 (3.71kb).

Sonitus_fx Delay for Sonar 5 (4.55kb).

Sonitus_fx Gate For Sonar 5 (3.85kb).

Sonitus_fx Modulator for Sonar 5 (3.85kb).

Sonitus_fx Multiband Compressor for Sonar 5 (6.65kb).

Sonitus_fx Phase for Sonar 5 (3.15kb).

Sonitus_fx Reverb for Sonar 5 (4.09kb).

Sonitus_fx Surround for Sonar 5 (3.50kb).

Sonitus_fx Wahwah for Sonar 5 (3.63kb).

Track Eq and Sonitus_fx Equalizer sets For Sonar 5 (11.9kb).

Trilogy For Sonar 5 (1.59kb).

VSampler For Sonar 5 (2.81kb).

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