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HotSpotClicker Tips And Issues

Last Updated on October 15, 2014 by Snowman

This page lists tips, and known issues, related to the use of HotSpotClicker. All bugs relevant to the latest version appear first.

Build 236

No known issues yet.

Build 235

The tone generator did not get installed for Windows 7 to support the table tone graphing capability.

the Installers

The JSX installer is not properly registering the support DLL, which can cause later versions of JAWS to hang when you try to start an application with HSC connected.
If you don't have HSC already installed , please use the standard installer, which does properly handle this registration.
The support DLL is very stable, and has not been modified in years, and so doesn't usually need an update.. If you already have a previous version of HSC installed, then you may find the JSX installer a bit simpler. It will use the DLL from your previous installation. When using JSX, be sure to check the box to recompile the scripts, and you can uncheck the box that generates a backup. All other checkboxes can be left alone.

The Standard installer

WE are seeking a volunteer to straighten it out. If you have HSC already installed, tell the installer not to remove it. Just say no, until it proudly says that it was removed. it was not actually removed. But, that is not necessary. Also, even though you tell it not to make a backup, it does anyway. Better that way than the other. Anyway, we need a little installer help!

Cancelling Out Of The Installer

This can be an issue if you already have a previous version of HSC on your system. If you click OK on the initial screen that announces that a reboot is necessary, but, when the computer restarts and the installer comes up automatically, you cancel the install, HotSpotClicker will be unavailable until you do one of two things:

  1. Install the new version by Running the installer again and allowing it to complete.
  2. Restore the previous version by re-registering file HSCSRVR.DLL, using the installation instructions of the previous version.

Installer Unable to copy File HSCSRVR.dll

If the installer reports an error when updating file HSCSRVR.DLL, you should reboot your computer. After the reboot, do not focus in any application that was connected to your old version of HotSpotClicker. Run the installer immediately, and do not switch focus away from the installer until it finishes. This happens if the old version of the DLL does not get properly released.

Tips And tricks

This section is a growing list of tips concerning use of HSC. If you have a tip concerning something that you found surprising, or a usage tip you think should be posted here, send it to The Snowman.

Spot Failures, a list of most common reasons why hotSpots Fail

Deleting A HotSpot That Is Part Of A Ring

In Build 221, the File Auditor was added to help deal with this problem. See below.

This was fixed in HSC build 209, but remains an issue if you are running an earlier version.
When you delete a HotSpot that is part of a HotSpot ring, HSC is not maintaining the ring control data to remove references to the deleted spot. And, there is no indication that the spot you are deleting exists on a ring, nor on which ring it resides.
The result is that the ring still references a spot that does not exist. And, if you use the Build A Spot Ring option in the actions menu, the ring control becomes corrupted.
To correct this, open the .hsc file for the affected hotspot set, and find the section for the affected ring. That data is identified by the ring name in brackets. An example is shown below:
[My Ring]
2=Control+Shift+3,br> 3=Control+Shift+1
if Control+shift+2 no longer exists:

  1. Delete the line containing control+shift+2
  2. Decrease SpotCount by 1
  3. Make sure CurrentIndex is less than or equal to SpotCount>/li>
  4. Save the file

File Auditor

This is accessed from the actions menu, and looks for unresolved references in your HotSpot set. You can let the auditor automatically correct issues found, or can just get a report, so you can resolve them manually.

Keyboard Macros

You want to assign a hotkey which simply types a string of text? Here is how to do it using HSC:

  1. Create a hhotspot to serve as the macro. It doesn't matter where the jaws cursor is parked, because cursor position is irrelevant in this case.
  2. For the positioning mode, choose absolute or application relative mode. It doesn't matter which.
  3. For the mouse action, choose No Action, which is down at the bottom of the list.
  4. Once the hotSpot is defined, edit the definition by pressing control+alt+shift+f4, and choose the new hotspot from the list, then press enter.
  5. When the definition editor opens, Go to the bottom of the defimition by pressing Control plus the end key, and go to the far right end of that last line.
  6. Make a new line by pressing control+m. Remember, don't use the enter key to do this. Use control+m.
  7. On the new line, type the key word "function=TypeString(". followed by a quoted string which you want typed. Examples are shown below. Then press enter to save your modified definition. Your Key macro is ready for use.

For example, if you wanted your macro to type the string "this cat is a dog", you would make your newly added line look like the following:
function=TypeString("this cat is a dog")

If you wanted to follow that string with the enter key, make your new line look like this:
function=TypeString("this cat is a dog")|TypeKey("enter")

Contact Information

Extensive documentation files have been placed in your start menu. Choose Programs, then HotSpotClicker. Please read the documentation carefully. (RTFM). If that does not resolve your issue, you may contact: The Snowman. or Geoff Chapman

HotSpotClicker is copyright © 2005-2014 by Jim Snowbarger (the Snowman).
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