use "HotSpotClicker.jsb"

Void Function FocusChangedEvent (handle FocusWindow, handle PrevWindow)
HSCFocusChanged (GetWindowname (GetTopLevelWindow (FocusWindow)))
; now call the version in default.jss.
FocusChangedEvent (FocusWindow, PrevWindow)

int Function HandleCustomWindows (handle hFocus)
if (HSCCheckForPrompt (hFocus)) then
; a prompt exists for this window
; if you specify a processing function for the prompt, it can say the window contents.
; So we are done.
return(1) ; indicate that we took care of it.
; include any other logic you need for other purposes.
; return 1 if you don't want jaws default processing to do any more speaking.
return(0) ; means we did not handle this window, so jaws should take care of it itself