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On this page, you will find HSC sets some of which, work, both in Sonar 5 and 6, others, that you will need to get individually for Sonar 5 and 6, and some, for stand alone applications. If you would like to submit some HSC sets for beta testing, pleas read the guidelines, before submiting to the ftp site. You will find them, further down this page, under the Guidelines For HSC Set Submission heading.


None of the sets on this page, have been tested across systems and been proven to be 100% reliable.

Guidelines For HSC Set Submission

When submitting HSC sets, please try and put the set into the appropriate folder. For example, if the set is known to work in Sonar 6 and beyond then, it should be placed in the sonar6 folder. Also submit a brief description of what the set does, in a text file. You can upload the HSC set and text file, at the following FTP address:




Beta Sets For Sonar 5

Beta Sets For Sonar 6

Beta Stand-alone

The HotSpot Sets Page

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