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The HotSpotClicker website is sponsored by:

Accessibility Training, specialist training with the Jaws screen reader and music technology products.

We would like to thank:

Jim Snowbarger

For creating, and continuing to develop HotSpotClicker. We would also like to thank Geoff Chapman, for his hard work and enthusiasm on the HotSpotClicker project and for assistance with using the HSC "use offsets" feature,

Victor Tsaran,

for putting the HSC podcast together and his contribution on the SessionDrummer 2 hsc set, for Sonar 6, Sarah Muir, Richard Atkinson and Jo Stone, for assistance, with hsc creation in general, Gordon Clowrey, for helping locate the frequency buttons in the Linear Compressor set and some other buttons in the Linear EQ, Jason Dacent, for putting the V-Vocal.hsc together, and his help, with pointing out some of the buttons in Session Drummer 2, and getting the MIDI channels working, in the VSampler set.

Jeanette Contant-galitello

for allowing us to release the LiquidMix.HSC sets and Christopher Contant-Galitello for his help with creating the LiquidMix.HSC sets.

We would also like to thank

David Pinto,

for enabling HSC support, in Cake Talking, for Sonar 6 and beyond.

Tim Burgess

and Luis Elorza for testing the sets and reporting bugs. This is important, and will result in better HSC sets for all.

Finally, we would like to thank:

Phil Muir

for taking the time out to hoste the website, update the various web pages that contain HSC sets and maintain all of the HSC sets that are currently hosted here on HotSpotClicker.org.

Please Consider Donating For The HSC Sets

The HSC sets on this page, have taken hundreds of Hours to create. if you have a PayPal account, you can donate to HSC Set development by sending cash to:
Or, you can donate by clicking the donate button below. Please consider donating.

Remember that if you are using Paypal that Phil can only except contributions in British Pounds. I would like to thank those of you who have contributed thus far. It's much appreciated!

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